About us

Cole Kiziah, Owner

Cole started Dinner2Dirt in March of 2018 with the help and support of his friends and family. Cole is an ASU alumni and proud member of the community, doing what he can to show his gratitude towards The High Country.

He has worked in local restaurants over the past decade, witnessing the large amounts of food waste being produced and thrown away.  But it wasn’t until visiting a friend in Portland, Maine and witnessing the positive effects composting had with their city, did he realize the potential it could have with ours.  After looking into what we are doing here in The High Country, he found that the Boone landfill is already at maximum capacity and we are currently driving our waste off the mountain to surrounding landfills (nearly 40% of the materials in our landfills are compostable!).  After a year of research, Cole, realized that composting on a large scale could be a viable option for The High Country and decided it was time to do something about it.

Cole loves the mountains of North Carolina, spending time biking, hiking and climbing in the 828.  His appreciation for the environment and sustainable recycling practices were the foundation for his idea to create Boone’s Composting Service.


“My dream is for our community to become an environmentally sustainable  demonstration for our country in how organic waste is being managed.” – Cole